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Tallahassee Democrat - 06/20/2017
Report: Tallahassee is the 'art buyer capital' of U.S.

City tops Miami, New York in study by


Kathleen McAvoy is an avid art collector. From portraits to abstract pieces, she's been buying art for 30 years. McAvoy said her Blairstone Forest home looks more like an art gallery, studded with captivating abstracts and tiny watercolor cityscapes.

The most recent piece to adorn her wall? A painting of a mysteriously silhouetted woman, riding a horse through stormy waters and into a misty forest.

In the past few years, the retired state worker has ventured online to buy art. She's ordered about 50 pieces online from, an online art marketplace.

Topping Miami and even New York City, a report released last week by Art-finder found Tallahassee to be the "art buying capital of the U.S."

Broken down per capita, proportional to each city's population, Tallahassee came in with 1,303 artwork sales made through the Artfinder website in 2016.

"Faded Sunflower" by Robert DeWitt Smith took first place in the
ninth annual Senior Artist Showcase in September.